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PhP TrafficDX - Paid To Auto Surf / Manual Click Surf Traffic Exchange System

Paid to Click and Paid to Surf - Convert credits to cash, banner ads, text ads and much more....

This script is continuously being updated with NEW features.

Trafficdx code is currently written and encrypted for your security by Ricky Greer.
TrafficDX has become the Premier Traffic Exchange Script on the Web!
Php TrafficDX is an Authorized Reseller Of TrafficDX Scripts And All TrafficDX Modules

Member's Section

  • Online Help Guide for all Member Areas
  • Use Auto or Manual Surf Modes (or both)
  • Allocate Auto and/or Manual Credits to Sites
  • Auto Surfers see only Sites with Auto Credits
  • Manual Surfers see only Sites with Manual Credits
  • Well Designed and Accurate Auto/Manual Surf Bars
  • Separate Timer Settings for Auto/Manual Surfers
  • Transfer Credits from Auto to Manual... or Vice-Versa
  • Members can Report Sites that are not Acceptable
  • Members can Edit own Profile and Site URL's
  • Add "x" Amount of URLs - Set by Membership Level
  • Buy/Sell credits to/from Admin and/or other Members
  • Payment Request link for Members Cash Earned
  • View Earned Cash Withdrawal History Log
  • View Weekly Sites Shown/Credits Earned Statistics
  • View Downline Levels and Referral Benefits
  • View Downline Levels and Referral Statistics
  • Buy Credits, Banner, Text, or Paid to Click Ads
  • View Banner, Text, or Paid to Click Ad Statistics
  • Member gets credit(s) for each "Unique Visit" to their Referral URL (Turned on or off by admin)
  • Member Referral Banners complete with Links
  • Member Auto and Manual Surf Start Page Links
  • Referral Earnings from up to 10 Downline Levels
  • Earn Credits and/or Cash by Visiting other Sites
  • Earn Credits and/or Cash from Paid to Click Ads
  • Earn Cash Surfing "x" number sites in 24 hr period
  • Win Free Bonus Credits for Surfing "x" number sites
  • Win Credits and/or Cash in Jackpot Slots Game
  • Win Cash in Balloon, Heads or Tails, and Match Games (optional game modules)
  • Choose any category to surf and where user wants their site to show on. (optional category module)

Administrator's Section

  • Online Help Guide for all Admin Sections
  • Site can be Fully Customized from Admin Area
  • Easy Installation and Upgrade Scripts Included
  • View Sites Shown and Credits Earned Statistics
  • View Transaction Log for all Cash Transactions
  • Setup as Auto, Manual, Paid to Surf, Paid to Click
  • Set up to 10 Referral Downline Levels for Members
  • Create Unlimited Membership Level Packages
  • Create Unlimited Member Credits Packages
  • Create Unlimited Member Banner/Text Ad Packages
  • Create Unlimited Member Paid to Click Ad Packages
  • Create Unlimited Admin Banners or Text Ad Views
  • Banner and Text Ads will Automatically Expire
  • Upgraded Membership Levels Automatically Expire
  • Easy Approval or Disapproval of All New Sites
  • Easily Suspend or Re-Activate any Member Account
  • All New Sites and Abuse Reports are Shown at Login
  • Browse All Sites or Fuzzy Search for specific ones
  • Browse All Users or Fuzzy Search for specific ones
  • Easily Edit, Enable, Suspend or Delete Sites
  • Easily Edit, Validate, Delete or Suspend Members
  • Easily Manage All Member Banner and Text Ads
  • Easily Manage All Member Paid To Click Ads
  • Easily Edit Main and Member Area Page Templates
  • Easily Setup and Edit your Site's FAQ Page
  • Easily Upload Referral Banners for Member to use
  • View All Members Cash Withdrawal Requests
  • Select Member/Site Stats to show on Main Page
  • HTML E-mails to All Members, Paid, or Free Members
  • Add Bonus Credits to All Member Accounts at once
  • Require to Surf "x" number sites for Sign-up Bonuses
  • Easy Management of All the System Settings
  • Easy Management of All the Optional Modules
  • Easily Backup and Restore Site's Database
  • Easily Block New Sign-ups by E-mail or IP Address
  • Script is Frequently Updated with Great New Features
  • Setup Paypal, Stormpay or ANY payment processors
  • Optional Payment Modules allow Auto Credit of Member Deposits (optional pay module)
  • Unix Compatible Web Server
  • PHP and one MySQL 3.22.04+ Database
  • Ability to do http "post" of form data (some website hosting companies may have this restricted)
  • Script is Encrypted with IONCUBE!(Free Loaders On
  • PHP GD Module - for Turing numbers to show.
  • Scripts can be installed in Root Directory, Sub-Directories, or on Sub-Domains
  • Game Modules,Extra Payment And Category Modules Are Sold Seperately
  • Works Perfectly On Our Performance Hosting Packages!
Working Demo:

Main Page (you may join and test the script, then you may delete yourself) - Click Here

ADMIN Area - Click Here
[Username: test :: password: test]

Please Note: When you are done with viewing the features and testing the demo site, please CLOSE THIS WINDOW



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